Siggi Martinez

Alcohol 33.3% by volume (18.5g per serving)
Tools needed Mixing Glass, Fine Strainer
Source Marian Krause
4.5 cl Siegfried Gin
2 cl Red Vermouth
1 Bar spoon Maraschino
2 Dash Angostura Bitters
Garnish Preserved cherry


Stir all ingredients together with ice cubes and double strain into a pre-chilled glass. Spritz with a lemon zest.

The Martinez is not only a very good cocktail, but also part of many discussions that revolve around the origins and relationships of various drinks. The cocktail was first mentioned in 1884 in O.H. Byron’s “The Modern Bartender’s Guide” and in 1887 in Jerry Thomas’ “Bartenders Guide”. Probably originating from the Manhattan, the Martinez is considered to be the foster father of the Martini. There are different genealogies, which are discussed at length in other places. For now, we enjoy the beautiful balance between sweetness and bitterness in one of the most original cocktails. The Martinez.

Source: Marian Krause

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