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Light 20% vol. with the same botanicals as in Siegfried Gin. Perfect for less alcoholic long drinks and cocktails with a classic tasting profile. Flavour notes of juniper, lemon and linden blossom.

  • Botanicals distilled with love
  • Ideal with tonic water for lower alcohol long drinks

Raspberries and cherries join the same botanicals as in Siegfried Gin. Pure fruit – naturally without artificial flavorings or coluorings. Ideal for lovers of spritz and fruity G&T. Light 20% vol.

  • Raspberry and Cherry + Botanicals
  • Ideal with tonic water or ginger beer

A long drink with Siegfried Easy has as much alcohol as regular beer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Siegfried Easy a “Gin”?2023-01-06T21:25:16+01:00

By law, gin has to contain at least 37.5% alcohol by volume. Siegfried Easy has only 20% vol and is therefore not allowed to be called a gin.

“As much alcohol as beer” – how did you get there?2023-01-06T21:21:37+01:00

Yes, that’s actually true. With Siegfried Easy, a long drink has as much alcohol as a normal beer:  5% vol.

1 part – Siegfried Easy (20% vol)
3 parts – Tonic Water (0% vol)
= 5% vol in your drink

How does the variant “Juicy Berry” taste?2023-01-06T21:19:51+01:00

Light, fruity and berry – as it looks! Creates an incredibly light and delicious spritz with tonic water. Of course, as in all products, we do not use any artificial colors or flavours. Everything you see and taste is 100% natural.

I don’t like tonic water, what else can I drink Siegfried Easy with?2023-01-06T21:17:59+01:00

You can use Classic Dry like our Siegfried Gin and it is also excellent in drinks that have little to do with tonic. Juicy Berry, the fruity & berry variant, tastes also really good with ginger beer. If you want it fruity but not quite so sweet, then a shot of Juicy Berry is also very nice in a prosecco or champagne.

You can find inspiration and more recipes here.

Is Siegfried Easy vegetarian / vegan / gluten-free?2023-01-11T14:01:07+01:00

Yes! Both Classic Dry and Juicy Berry are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. By the way, so are our other products.

Why do I need a half-alcohol “Siegfried”?2023-01-06T21:16:01+01:00

The world is more than black and white! Imagine being able to start earlier and/or drink more of your favourite drinks without getting twice as drunk. Thanks to Siegfried Easy, you now have better control over the amount of alcohol – without having to forego enjoyment.

Can’t I just put less gin in a drink if I want to reduce the amount of alcohol?2023-01-06T21:14:47+01:00

Of course you can do that, but the drink won’t taste as good as you wished. Because it reduces the taste in the drink. With Siegfried Easy it stays a 100% taste. In other words: Only the alcohol is reduced, the taste is fully present. This is what makes the product so special.

· For lower alcohol drinks

· Two variants

Whether as Classic Dry with the same botanicals as in Siegfried Gin, or as Juicy Berry with fruity notes of raspberries and cherries. Siegfried Easy allows you to have your favorite long drinks with less alcohol.

Your Life – Your Drink – Your Choice.

Recipes with Siegfried Easy

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