Cocktail Glossar2021-06-29T12:33:17+02:00

Cocktail Glossar

“As much alcohol as beer” – how did you get there?2023-06-27T07:00:10+02:00

Yes, that’s actually true. With Siegfried Classic Low, a long drink has as much alcohol as a normal beer:  5% vol.

1 part – Siegfried Classic Low (20% vol)
3 parts – Tonic Water (0% vol)
= 5% vol in your drink

Bar spoon2021-06-29T12:22:40+02:00

You need a bar spoon to stir drinks. It also serves as a unit of measurement at the bar. One bar spoon unit (BL) corresponds to approx. 5ml. The other side of the bar spoon is a tamper or a small plate, depending on the model. This makes it easy to mash or crush smaller ingredients.

Can all gin recipes be prepared with Siegfried Wonderleaf as a gin substitute?2023-01-09T09:52:50+01:00

Yes! And, any way you want it, that’s the way you need it! We look forward to seeing all the different options you come up with.

Can’t I just put less gin in a drink if I want to reduce the amount of alcohol?2023-06-27T07:02:46+02:00

Of course you can do that, but the drink won’t taste as good as you wished. Because it reduces the taste in the drink. With Siegfried Classic Low it stays a 100% taste. In other words: Only the alcohol is reduced, the taste is fully present. This is what makes the product so special.


Centilitre (or “cl” for short) is a measure of quantity commonly used in the bar scene. 1cl corresponds to 10ml.


The word dash is an indication of quantity and stands for a splash or a drop. It is usually used in connection with cocktail bitters. As a rule, a dash corresponds to about 0.08 to 0.1 cl. At the bar, people work with so-called dash bottles. As an experienced bartender, you know what the quantity is in your own bar. The rule at home is: less is more – you can always top up a little later.

Does Siegfried Wonderleaf taste exactly like Siegfried Gin?2023-01-09T09:43:34+01:00

It’s impossible to fully recreate the taste of an alcoholic spirit – and we don’t really think one should even try. Siegfried Gin’s special feature is not the alcohol itself, but the variety of flavours and their balance. This is exactly what we have transferred into a non-alcoholic alternative. The taste is deliberately different, but – we can tell you this much – extremely good! You should try it!

Dry Shake2021-06-29T12:25:55+02:00

Dry shaking means shaking in a shaker without ice. As ice cubes in the shaker make it difficult for foam to form, a dry shake is mainly used for drinks containing protein.

How does “Juicy Berry” taste?2023-06-27T06:58:41+02:00

Light, fruity and berry – as it looks! Creates an incredibly light and delicious spritz with tonic water or ginger beer. Of course, as in all products, we do not use any artificial colors or flavours. Everything you see and taste is 100% natural.

How is Siegfried Wonderleaf produced?2023-01-09T09:51:21+01:00

We spent a long time figuring out how to extract the aromas of our botanicals for a non-alcoholic drink through distillation. Needless to say, we can’t reveal the exact process. But we will say this much: we extract the aromas by distillation in a very similar way to a normal gin.

How long does Wonderoak keep?2023-01-09T12:28:57+01:00

The BBE (best before date) for a closed bottle is 18 months. After opening, it should be stored in a cool place and consumed quickly. But honestly: It will probably be gone faster than the durability dictates ;)

How to drink Wonderoak?2023-01-09T12:20:01+01:00

Wonderoak is perfect as a high-quality ingredient in long drinks (e.g. with cola, ginger ale or ginger beer) or cocktails. Wonderoak can also be used very well in drinks that are actually made with rum.

I don’t like tonic water, what else can I drink Siegfried Easy with?2023-06-27T07:35:05+02:00

Juicy Berry tastes also really good with ginger beer. And if you want it fruity but not quite so sweet, then a shot of Juicy Berry is also very nice in a prosecco or champagne. All in all: The better Spritz!

You can find inspiration and more recipes here.

Is Siegfried Classic Low a “Gin”?2023-06-27T06:57:07+02:00

By European law, a gin must contain at least 37.5% alcohol by volume. Classic Low has only 20% vol. and is therefore not allowed to call itself so and is therefore, strictly speaking, not a gin.

Is Siegfried Easy vegetarian / vegan / gluten-free?2023-06-27T07:35:55+02:00

Yes, all our products are vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

Is Siegfried Wonderleaf “the original”?2023-01-09T09:56:23+01:00

Yes, Siegfried Wonderleaf was Germany’s first non-alcoholic alternative and the world’s first non-alc spirit launched using the same brand name as its alcoholic role model.

Is Siegfried Wonderleaf also suitable for pregnant women?2023-01-09T09:46:16+01:00

Yes, absolutely.

Is Siegfried Wonderleaf completely alcohol-free?2023-01-09T09:49:20+01:00

A ready to drink prepared long drink (e.g. with tonic water) is completely alcohol-free – 0,0% vol.

Is Siegfried Wonderleaf meant to be drunk neat?2023-01-09T09:45:25+01:00

No. Wonderleaf best comes into its own in high-quality long drinks in cocktails. You can find recipes here.

Is Siegfried Wonderleaf vegetarian / vegan / gluten-free?2023-01-11T13:54:52+01:00

Yes! All our products are vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free.

Is Wonderoak suitable for pregnant women?2023-01-09T12:22:25+01:00

Yes, that’s no problem at all. Of course, you should basically only enjoy all stimulants in moderation.

Is Wonderoak vegetarian / vegan / gluten-free?2023-01-11T13:52:07+01:00

Yes, Wonderoak is 100% vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free – as all of our products.

Ist Siegfried Classic Low vegetarian / vegan / gluten free?2023-06-27T06:57:15+02:00

Yes, all our products are vegetarian / vegan / gluten free!


A jigger is a small measuring cup that is used when mixing cocktails. It makes it easier to measure out the drink ingredients. Usually, a European jigger has a double bar measure consisting of a combination of 2-3cl and 4-5cl.

A little tip for at home:
Instead of a professional jigger, you can also use an egg cup. These often also have a measurement of 5cl.

Mixing glass2021-06-29T12:28:28+02:00

A mixing glass is used in cocktail making to mix and cool liquids. The mixing glass is used instead of a shaker when ingredients can be easily combined. Cocktails that consist only of spirits, for example, are stirred. For cocktails with clear ingredients, such as a martini cocktail, you prevent the drink from becoming cloudy by stirring it instead of shaking it. Shaking the drink in a shaker can produce quite a lot of meltwater. This is why drinks such as Old Fashioned, Manhattans, and Martinis are always prepared in a mixing glass.

Strainer/ Fine Strainer2021-06-29T12:30:38+02:00

The strainer is one of the most important bar tools – suitable for the home bar as well as for the bar itself. The strainer is used to retain pieces of fruit, spices, or herbs and ice remaining in the shaker. Additionally using a fine strainer (small kitchen strainer, tea strainer) can retain even the smallest particles. Straining a drink twice is called double straining or finestrain.

Straining/ double straining2021-06-29T12:19:54+02:00

Straining is the process of simply sieving the cocktail out of the cocktail shaker or mixing glass. This retains the larger pieces of ice and prevents them from entering the glass. A so-called strainer is used for this.

Double straining is the simple straining by means of a strainer, in which a fine strainer is additionally used. This retains even the smallest pieces of ice and prevents them from entering the glass.

What is the shelf life after opening the bottle and how should I store it?2023-01-09T09:50:07+01:00

Once opened, Wonderleaf can be kept unrefrigerated for at least 8 weeks. However, we recommend not exposing the bottle to direct sunlight and storing it in a cool place.

Why do I need a alcohol reduced “Siegfried”?2023-06-27T07:03:34+02:00

The world is more than black and white! Imagine being able to start earlier and/or drink more of your favourite drinks without getting twice as drunk. Thanks to Siegfried Classic Low, you now have better control over the amount of alcohol – without having to forego enjoyment.

Zest/ Spray with zest2021-06-29T12:32:09+02:00

Zests are thin strips of citrus fruit peel that are peeled off with the help of a peeler. It is important to use only the upper peel, which is free of bitter substances, and not the white lower peel. Make sure that the fruit is untreated and washed thoroughly. The zests are used to flavour the surface of the drink and give it the final touch. The term “twists” refers to a twisted peel.

Drinks are spritzed with zest by placing the zest on the side, slightly above the drink, and squeezing the zest between the fingers – this allows the essential oils in the peel of the citrus fruit to escape.


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