Milky Ghost

Alcohol 11.1% by volume (15.5g per serving)
Tools needed Shaker, Fine Strainer
Source Rheinland Distillers / Marian Kraus
3 cl Siegfried Gin
1.5 cl Raspberry brandy
1.5 cl Milky Oolong Syrup*
1 Teaspoon Natural yoghurt
8 cl Tonic water (e.g. Fever Tree Mediterranean)
Garnish Lemon zest


Shake ingredients (except tonic) on ice, double strain into a glass filled with ice cubes and top up with tonic water.

* Preparation of Milky Oolong Syrup:
Brew Milky Oolong tea according to instructions, then bring to boil briefly and mix with sugar 1:1 until sugar has completely dissolved. Leave to cool. Keeps several months without refrigeration.

Source: Rheinland Distillers / Marian Kraus

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