Garden Tales

Alcohol 0% by volume (0g per serving)
Tools needed Shaker
Source Rheinland Distillers
5 cl Wonderleaf
2 cl Jasmine syrup (e.g. Monin)
3 cl Freshly squeezed lime juice
1 piece Kiwi
0.75 piece Fennel
Garnish Salt-vanilla sugar crust*


Peel and roughly chop the kiwi. Chop the fennel and mash it in a shaker together with the kiwi. Add Wonderleaf, lime juice, and jasmine syrup and shake vigorously over ice. Finally, carefully add ice to the previously prepared glass with the rim-crust and double strain the drink.

*Rim-crust: For the garnish, moisten the outer rim of the glass with the pulp of a lime Dip the wet rim of the glass into a bowl of the salt and vanilla sugar mixture to create a sugar rim.

You can decorate your drinks with anything you can find in your garden, such as cucumber flowers or young pea pods.

Source: Rheinland Distillers

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Wonderleaf Aperitivo
Garden Martini

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