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The evolution of the revolution

After our internationally acclaimed Siegfried Gin and the first German non-alcoholic alternative to Gin Wonderleaf (yes, we were the first), it is now time for the next step: Wonderoak is the perfect non-alcoholic distillate for anyone who enjoys aromatic long drinks and cocktails .

Although it’s not rum, it’s ideal in recipes typically made with rum. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be alcohol-free either: Whether it’s completely alcohol-free or mixed with your favorite rum – Wonderoak gives every drink a warm, aromatic taste profile. Only you determine the alcohol content of your drink!

Tonka bean, nutmeg and oak provide full, round notes. Fenugreek, lime and curaçao for complexity and a touch of the exotic. Livin’ la vida loca!

Siegfried Wonderoak without alcohol
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Ideal with cola or ginger ale
  • Vegan
  • Only 6 kcal/ 100ml
  • Perfect for long drinks and cocktails (not pure)

Long drinks & cocktails: Completely non-alcoholic or partially mixable with rum

Wonderoak is also great for proportionately blending with rum. What does that mean exactly? Quite simply, the alcohol content of drinks containing rum can be decided almost freely with Wonderoak. You simply substitute some of the rum for Wonderoak. Wonderoak easily complements any rum and reduces the alcohol content – you decide, with full taste.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to use Wonderoak?
Wonderoak is perfect as a high-quality ingredient in long drinks (e.g. with cola / ginger ale / ginger beer) or cocktails. Wonderoak can also be used very well in drinks that are actually made with rum – but very important: It is not non-alcoholic rum!

Is Wonderoak suitable for pregnant women?
Yes, that’s no problem at all. Of course, you should basically only enjoy all stimulants in moderation.

Is Wonderoak vegan?
Yes, Wonderoak is 100% vegan.

How long does Wonderoak keep?
The BBE (best before date) for a closed bottle is 18 months. After opening, it should be stored in a cool place and consumed quickly. But honestly: It will probably be gone faster than the durability dictates ;)

Is Wonderoak Rum?
No, but because of the flavor profile, it tastes great in drinks that are typically made with rum.

Cocktail-Recipes with Wonderoak

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