Siegfried Wonderleaf – Non-Alcoholic

Gin? Non-Alcoholic!

Too good to be true? Globally acclaimed SIEGFRIED Rheinland Dry Gin has created Germany’s first non-alcoholic alternative: Siegfried Wonderleaf.

Strictly speaking, Siegfried Wonderleaf is not a gin. Gin, by law, must contain at least 37.5% alcohol. But for all those who cannot or do not want to drink, Siegfried Wonderleaf provides all the aromas of the botanicals of gin to drinks and cocktails – without any of the alcohol. That’s right, Wonderleaf is not a replacement for gin, it’s an alternative for certain situations.

Everything began with a social media post on April fools 2016. At the time, we announced non-alcoholic Siegfried lightas a joke. Overwhelmed by the unexpected amount of positive feedback, we began development in the spring of 2017, never losing sight of our goal: Alcohol-free, artisanal distillation made only with high-quality botanicals.

Siegfried alkoholfrei
  • Non-alcoholic
  • 18 distilled botanicals
  • No added sugar or sweeteners
  • Vegan
  • 2 kcal/100ml
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Siegfried Wonderleaf taste exactly like Siegfried Gin?
It’s impossible to recreate the taste of an alcoholic spirit and we don’t really think one should even try. Siegfried Gin’s special feature is not the alcohol itself, but the variety of flavours and their balance. This is exactly what we have transferred into an alcohol-free alternative. The taste is deliberately different, but we can tell you this much extremely good! You should try it!

Is Siegfried Wonderleaf meant to be drunk neat?
No. Wonderleaf best comes into its own in high-quality long drinks in cocktails. You can find recipes here.

Is Siegfried Wonderleaf also suitable for pregnant women?
Yes, absolutely.

What is the shelf life after opening the bottle and how should I store it?
Once opened, Wonderleaf can be kept unrefrigerated for at least 8 weeks. However, we recommend not exposing the bottle to direct sunlight and storing it in a cool place.

How is Siegfried Wonderleaf produced?
We spent a long time figuring out how to extract the aromas of our botanicals for a non-alcoholic drink through distillation. Needless to say, we can’t reveal the exact process. But we will say this much: we extract the aromas by distillation in a similar way to a normal gin.

Can all gin recipes be prepared with Siegfried Wonderleaf as a gin substitute?
Any way you want it, that’s the way you need it! We look forward to seeing all the different options you come up with. We’ve certainly experimented with it a lot – sometimes even in the kitchen.

Is Siegfried Wonderleaf vegetarian/vegan?

Is Siegfried Wonderleaf cost the same as your gin?
No. The production may be a bit more complicated, but there is no alcohol and no alcohol tax. The suggested retail price is 18,90 EUR.

Where can I get a bottle?
Like Siegfried Gin, Wonderleaf is available in well-stocked stores in numerous countries. Just send us an email.

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