Love that gets under your skin

Yes, OK… maybe not quite under… well… more on top. Yes. Love that gets on your skin!

We actually think it’s pretty cool when you love something so much that you want to decorate your skin with it. For one person, it’s the name of their girlfriend. And the one after that. Or the one before that. Or something like that. For another, it’s 1. FC Köln. And for us, it’s – maybe you can guess – our Siegfried.

That’s why we’ve put together a tattoo sheet with our favorite motifs for you (and a little bit for us too). Simply choose a motif, cut it out, peel off the foil, stick it on the desired place, moisten it a little (e.g. with a damp sponge), and you’re done! Increases sex appeal by around 312% – we’ve measured it. You’re welcome!


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