Screen printing? Let’s do it ourselves as a team!


As we all know, nothing good happens unless you do it. Somehow we’ve never been big fans of shirts, hoodies and the like as merchandise. The thought of having printed shirts produced somewhere goes against our urge to create things ourselves #DIY. Ultimately, however, screen printing is not rocket science, so we did some research:

You need a suitable motif, print it in black on a film, get a suitable screen printing frame with a fabric covering suitable for the material, coat it with light-sensitive photo emulsion, wash the motif freely, mix the colour (in our case red with a little yellow), add the correct amount of cold hardener to the colour, clamps the screen printing frame in a screen printing carousel, aligns everything, floods the screen with colour, clamps the material to be printed onto the corresponding holder with the help of spray adhesive, aligns everything again, then presses the colour onto the material with a squeegee and leaves the result to dry for 48 hours. Okay, it didn’t work right away on the first attempt, but a master never fell from the sky. Practice makes perfect – a wise saying. But… we’re having an incredible amount of fun.

Better good times!

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