Limited Art-Edition with 1UP Crew

Rheinland x Berlin Kreuzberg

It’s time for Streetart! Berlin one minute, Rheinland the next. We proudly present our new limited art edition together with our friends from the sprayer crew “OneUnitedPower” (1UP) from Berlin Kreuzberg. Each bottle is hand-numbered and unique and part of an art installation consisting of 361 sprayed bottles of Siegfried Gin.

“Everyone should be able to afford a piece of art”

Each of the bottles costs EUR 29.90, which is no more than a normal bottle of Siegfried Gin.

// Limited to 361 bottles
// Each bottle is unique
// Hand numbered

Why does the complete work of art consist of 361 bottles?

The number of bottles is a homage to the former postcodes of the Berlin-Kreuzberg district, home of 1UP. The number 361 is a combination of the first postcode, 36, and the second postcode, 61.

Who is 1UP?

The sprayer crew from Berlin-Kreuzberg has been active nationally and internationally since 2003 and has sprayed in Paris, Istanbul and Thailand, among other places. Nowadays, their works can be found not only on house walls and trains but also in renowned exhibitions from New York to Tokyo and in specially published illustrated books. Due to the illegality of some of their actions, the artists’ collective operates in complete anonymity.

The Installation

Siegfried Rheinland Dry Gin bottles are the 1.80 x 3.60 metre canvas for the artwork.

Digital auction

With the removal of the 361 bottles, the art installation was permanently destroyed. But the digital work of art lives on and was auctioned off on the platform as an NFT (non-fungible token) within the Ethereum blockchain for a good cause.

The entire proceeds of the auction went to the children’s home in Bonn.

CC BY-SA 4.0

Project Details